WireGuard update, custom ports and IPv6 support

This month we worked hard to improve WireGuard stability and extended our generator functionality. Today we want to share with you more information and show some tips.

WireGuard update, custom ports and IPv6 support

Updated generator for WireGuard

The biggest change is that keys are not associated anymore with countries. This way you can use one key for all locations and you won't need to delete them or generate a new one.

The best way to use a new generator is to generate new keys for each device. You can choose to download all locations in .zip archive. Archive files can be added to WireGuard on desktop, or smartphone without unzipping it in one click.

IPv6 support

Now WireGuard and OpenVPN support IPv6. This means that you get IPv6 address and have access to websites which have only IPv6.

Custom ports for WireGuard

Now you can choose which port you want to use for WireGuard keys. We offer 53, 80, 443, and 51820.

Without custom ports it was impossible to use public WiFi, because they are blocking most of the ports.

This is also great, if your ISP is blocking or throttling a particular port.

Stability improvements

This month we had some issues with  generating new keys for WireGuard. We fixed this issue and improved overall stability. Now there will be less downtime and issues with WireGuard.

We would like to thank all of our customers for providing detailed feedback. We built this update based on your feedback.