Transparency report for 2023

Transparency report for 2023

It's that time of year again, and we're happy to share our 2023 transparency report. At our company, we believe in being open, and we'll keep putting out these reports every year. Feel free to check out last year's transparency report.

Law enforcement and police requests

  • Search warrants - 0
  • Subpoenas - 0
  • Court orders - 0

We receive other requests such as DMCA, DDoS, login attempts, spam, port scanning, etc. Due to our strict no-logs policy, we have no data to share and can’t comply with any requests.

How we handle requests?

Our legal department handles all the requests and ensures that they are legit. They do investigate every request, but as we don't store any information, we do not have any data to provide when requested.

Got questions?

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