Stealth proxy overhaul: Subscriptions & new guides

Stealth proxy overhaul: Subscriptions & new guides

Due to increased stealth proxy usage, our team worked hard on reworking stealth proxies. The main goal was to simplify and improve the experience for all the users.

Subscription first

Instead of downloading each configuration separately we now recommend using a subscription URL. This way you get access to all available protocols and servers we provide.

Additionally, if we add or remove protocols and servers they will get updated automatically, which comes super handy for regular user! You don't need to visit proxy generator for each update.    

You can still generate configuration files for specific location/protocol in case your client (for example Outline) does not support subscriptions.

New guides

Stealth proxies are more complicated compared to common VPN protocols and usually raise more questions. That's why we added different categories to cover all frequently asked questions. We recommend reading them before you start using stealth proxies.

Every guide is now focused on a specific OS and client to simplify things.

Notice that guides are still a work in progress and videos are missing, but we will eventually add them. If you have any suggestions regarding guides please contact us through email or create a new ticket.

You only need one key

Now one key covers all protocols and locations there is no need to generate a new key for each device/location as before. This made sense in the past because each key could be assigned only to a specific country.

In the future, we most likely re-design the page and leave only one key available with a reset option to simplify setup. You can still have 5 active connections per account just like before.

Old keys

If your keys are older than 2 weeks you need to generate a new key to get access to all the new features. If your key view has a default view with "URL List / All Protocols" selected it means that your key is up-to-date and you don't need to generate a new one.

Protocols change

We removed support for VLESS (XTLS) due incompatibility with most clients and low usage. To balance this change we decided to add support for Trojan (WS+TLS).

New proxy locations:

France, Paris
Luxembourg, Roost
Poland, Warsaw
USA, Las Vegas
USA, New York

Remember that available locations for proxies are not permanent and might be removed/replaced anytime. This usually happens, because our IP ranges get blocked.

Future plans

At the moment we are testing new protocol "VLESS + XTLS-Reality". At this stage we think it's too early to implement it and it needs to mature more before we can use it in production.

We plan to test more clients and add subscription support for Surge, sing-box, Surfboard, Stash, Quantumult X, Loon and Pharos. However this will depend how much requests we get from our customers.

We will keep expanding our network for both VPN and stealth proxies. New locations will be available before 2024.

Try it out today!

Even if you are already familiar with stealth proxies we recommend checking out our new guides and trying out subscriptions.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to our customers for their invaluable feedback. It helped a lot to shape the stealth proxies we have today.
Add Shadowrocket subscription
Add flags for Clash and Shadowrocket subscriptions
Add global key support with all locations/protocols
Add possibility to select specific country/protocol
Limit keys from 10 to 3
Improve stealth proxy performance
Remove support for VLESS (XTLS)
Add support for Trojan (WS+TLS)
Rewrite guides for stealth proxies
Add .onion mirror for the website
Improve fallback for proxies