Stealth proxies release and 3 new locations

Stealth proxies release and 3 new locations

We're kicking off the new year by introducing censorship resistant proxy protocols Shadowsocks, VLESS, VMess and TrojanGFW.

Recent studies and news show that internet censorship grows aggressively and more countries start using DPI (Deep Packet Inspection), which allows to detect and block major VPN protocols.

That's why we added stealth proxies to protect our customers who one day might never be able to use OpenVPN and WireGuard.

Stealth proxies will give us access to the new markets where VPN providers are not working or decided to stop operating. Our team worked hard to make this update happen and will keep stealth proxies alive.

So many protocols! Which one to pick?

Shadowsocks is SOCKS5 with encryption and well battle-tested. Initially, it was made to bypass the Chinese Great Firewall. However, the Chinese government has managed to block it. At this moment, this is the best option for people outside China.

➞ Additionally you can use Shadowsocks + V2ray. This plugin obfuscates the traffic packets and makes inspection more difficult. This method might work in China.

VMess is a stateless protocol that transfers data directly between the client and the server without handshaking. Recommended for users in China.

VLESS is an improved version of VMess. It supports TLS encapsulation. Also recommended for users in China.

TrojanGFW is a newer protocol designed to act like HTTPS. Trojan features multiple protocols over TLS to avoid both active/passive detections and ISP QoS limitations. Highly recommended for users from China.

Is it safe to use?

All protocols are open source and actively maintained by the community, but none of them has any security audits. Clients are not audited either. The only exception is Outline client made by Google, which was audited by Radically Open Security (we don't endorse Google products).

At this point, we recommend using stealth proxies only with well-maintained clients (which we recommend in our guides) and if WireGuard and OpenVPN are blocked in your country.

New locations

With this update, we are bringing 3 new locations:

🇨🇦 Canada, Montreal (VPN + stealth proxies)
🇷🇴 Romania, Bucharest (VPN + stealth proxies)
🇰🇷 South Korea, Seoul (Only stealth proxies)

The number of locations will be limited for stealth proxies and most of them will be strategically close to countries with restrictive firewalls/DPI. For example, South Korea has an optimized routing (low ping) to China and should be mainly used by people from China.


We did revamp our guides page to make it more accessible. Some of the guides or videos are still missing for stealth proxies, but we will add them soon.

The next step for guides will be to re-record all existing videos for WireGuard and OpenVPN. After that, we want to focus on adding guides for routers and include videos for them as well.

Full changelog

Brand new page for guides
Proxy generator page
QR code support for proxies
Add Shadowsocks
Add Shadowsocks + v2ray (Websocket)
Add Trojan (TLS)
Add VLESS (XTLS, for Xray)
Add VLESS (WS+TLS, for Xray)
Add VMess (WS+TLS, for V2Ray)
Add OOC v1 subscription
Add Shadowsocks SIP008
Add Clash subscription
Add URL list for all proxy protocols
Add "Stealth proxy" on the home page
Remove fullpage.js for scrolling
Add text highlight selection color
We improved our website and squashed some bugs