Q&A with Xeovo team

Q&A with Xeovo team

You've got questions, we've got answers. During the summer we had an online survey, that helped us to stay on the right track and get to know our customers better. We also wanted to see, if people have any questions for us and we got plenty of them!

In this blog post, we cover most of your questions. We rephrased some of them and removed similar ones.

Could you announce more often the new features that are coming?

We don't announce new features in case we don't deliver them in time. Less pressure, no artificial deadlines and we won't upset anyone.

Are you planning to add tutorials for Mikrotik routers

Yes. We will add new section and include other router models as well.

Do you consider countermeasures in case Xeovo gets blocked in Russia?

Yes. We have already shipped stealth proxy protocols for this reason. As a bonus, we will deploy mirrors, in case our domain gets blocked.

Why V2Ray is not available on all servers?‌‌

Stealth proxy servers have more requirements compared to VPN servers. We have to find niche local hosting providers, which are less known to the public. On top of that, we have to keep in mind that locations should fit users who need stealth proxies.

This means that we try to find servers close to the countries which use DPI. That way we can ensure that users have good routing, stable connection, and low ping.

Why OpenVPN has lower latency compared to Wireguard?

You most likely did not connect to the same server/country during the test. If there is a latency difference it should be minuscule between OpenVPN and WireGuard.

I am a developer myself and wonder why did Xeovo team decide to make a VPN?‌‌

We started VPN, because our team shares similar vision and goals. We wanted to make a product, which will help people in countries with heavy censorship and the rest is history.

Are there plans to add more locations? I am mainly interested in the next locations Russia and Ukraine.‌‌

Russia definitely no. We get this question asked quite often. We won't have any presence in Russia due to their current regime, anti-privacy laws and sanctions. Period.

Ukraine is already on the wishlist and we will consider adding it in the future.

Can you add protocols like Outline VPN and IKEv2?‌‌

First of all Outline is not a protocol. It is a proxy client compatible with Shadowsocks. You can simply copy our Shadowsocks link to the Outline client and it will work. Keep in mind that Outline is made by Google. We don't endorse Google products.

We won't add IKEv2 or any other new protocol at the moment.

Is V2Ray safe?

V2Ray has not undergone proper degrees of security auditing. Use it only if WireGuard/OpenVPN is not working in your country.

Will you continue improving the stealth proxy project?

Yes! Recently we made many improvements and improved the experience for users from China and Iran.

Plans to ditch Cloudflare as a proxy?

Yes we would like to do that eventually, but we are not ready yet. Mainly, because of great DDoS protection. Cloudflare also makes our website accessible in some countries which block VPN websites but don't dare to block Cloudflare (yet).

Plans to make an official client?

Yes, but we don't just want to wrap WireGuard/OpenVPN and call it a day. We want to bring additional functionality on top and add stealth proxies support. At this moment we are in the research phase.

Plans to add more locations?

Yes. Expect new locations and the end of the year. This time we might introduce fewer new locations because we want to take a step back to improve already existing locations.

Please make it possible to add Windows applications to VPN exceptions.

This is only possible if you use Shadowsock's official client for Windows. This feature will be available if we make our custom client.

Can you add SOCKS5 proxy to support Android devices using NetGuard?

Unfortunately, we don't have plans to add SOCKS5 support at the moment.

Will you add a payment method for users from Russia?

We don't think that will be possible. Users from Russia can pay with cryptocurrencies or check alternative payment methods here.

Will the energy crisis in the EU affect your services and pricing?

No. Everything will remain the same.

Did no find an answer to your question? Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or submit a new ticket.