How to bulk delete all your likes and comments on Facebook

How to bulk delete all your likes and comments on Facebook

You might want to do this before you delete your account, or just to reduce the amount of data Facebook has got on you. We highly recommend all our users to minimize data sharing with such companies.

Facebook puts profits over people's privacy. Breaches, leaks, storing passwords as plain text, third-parties accessing your data  — the list goes on.

Additionally, we recommend downloading a copy of data from your Facebook account, before you start deleting it. Open "Settings" -> "Your Facebook Information" -> "Download Your Information".

Step by step guide

  1. Change your Facebook language to English.
  2. Open "Activity log" or just access it through this link.
  3. Open browser and press F12 to open developers tools. Now select "Console".
  4. Copy and paste the JavaScript code below and hit enter. It will start automatically removing all comments and likes.
setInterval(() => { for (const Button of document.querySelectorAll('div[aria-label="Action options"]')) {; for (const remove of document.querySelectorAll('div[role="menuitem"]')) { } } }, 1000)

API limits

Most likely you will hit API limits in ~10 minutes if you have a lot of comments and likes. You should use the filter to delete month by month. Wait for API limits reset and repeat, until all comments and likes are gone.


Currently, this is the fastest and easiest way to remove all the comments and likes, but there is no way to verify if Facebook removes them. All the deleted data may be retained for an unknown amount of time.