Dark mode, mobile version and brand new blog

Lately, we have been focusing on improving our website and adding requested features. Our new features and UI/UX improvements are listed down below:

Dark mode, mobile version and brand new blog
  • Added dark mode
  • Improved mobile and tablet version
  • Improved sidebar and navigation
  • Many other small QOL updates
  • Minor bug fixes

Beginning of something big

Our blog was deployed in April. We did not make any announcement regarding this, because the blog was quite empty.

In our blog, we are going to make important announcements, monthly updates and blog posts about privacy and security.

Goodbye MTProto proxy

Since 2018 we have been offering free MTProto proxy for all Telegram users, but now it's time to let it go. Next month we are going to shut down all our MTProto proxies and stop supporting them.

We have deployed MTProto servers to help bypass Telegram blocks in Russia, Iran, Indonesia, and other countries. Some statistics:

  • 5 active servers
  • USA, Netherlands, Brazil, Singapore and South Korea
  • Each server has around 1k continuous connections

Transparency report

From now on, Xeovo VPN is going to publish a short transparency report each month. We believe that trust is the key and we should always be fully transparent regarding government requests.

  • Search warrants - 0
  • Subpoenas - 0
  • Court orders - 0

What's next?

Right now, our main focus is to implement Wireguard protocol. We strongly believe Wireguard is going to replace OpenVPN one day. It's a matter of time and we don't want to be behind everyone when it happens.

There will be changes to our current locations. We plan to add new locations, but we may also remove some servers due to the high cost or low usage.

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